“I love thee with a love that shall not die, till the sun grows cold and the stars grow old”                                                              William Shakespeare   “The camera... Continue Reading →



“Let me tell you a secret, kids” Said the young storyteller, “The evening has just set, And all of you must listen, specially you Miss!   I know you have lived a long day, Burdened by promises of ages And expectations that chained you to a gate, That has been rusted for ages.   I... Continue Reading →

The Bicycle’s Chain

“Life is a flower of which love is the honey”- Victor Hugo   At last, I entered my teenage according to my parents. I had been arguing with them for the last two years that I gained my teenage when I became thirteen yet their statement remained as clear as the decision that my cake... Continue Reading →


“Three” She came up to him. “Two” She knelt on her knees for him. “One” “WAKE UP YOU MORON!” And so our hero, Ritvik woke up, grunting and using some cuss words which his warden won’t approve of. But did he care? Nah. 31st December. The day when he was about to run from the... Continue Reading →

The One Who Learnt the Song of Life

The Maharaja of Maharajpur sounds like a perfect title for a man who fits in the character of a round bellied man with a moustache like Chacha Chowdhary ruling his mighty kingdom, sending brave men to fight wars and granting them lots of gold coins. Unfortunately, the king wasn’t anything like that. It was ironical... Continue Reading →

The one who repent

The reporters, ghost hunters, random drunk men and some thieves searching for a fortune…oh yes! These were the people who used to be the only living souls frequently visiting the castle that had been once famous for its honor, dignity and majestic aura that it used to hold. It seemed undignified on the part of... Continue Reading →

The Innocent Maturity

And after my exams, I decided to go to a place where hardly any of my friends would think of going. When everyone were enjoying in the local market of Lajpat Nagar or enjoying shake in Shake's square in Cannought Place, I went to the outskirts of Hardiwar where you can enjoy the view of... Continue Reading →

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