The one whose treasure became words

The wintry night of a small village is often said to witness mostly fog, a small fire fighting for existence with the winds while some group of men, wrapped in cloaks try to warm their skin. They don’t speak much to each other but mostly, their teeth chatter. After all, they don’t have a life... Continue Reading →


The Innocent Maturity

And after my exams, I decided to go to a place where hardly any of my friends would think of going. When everyone were enjoying in the local market of Lajpat Nagar or enjoying shake in Shake's square in Cannought Place, I went to the outskirts of Hardiwar where you can enjoy the view of... Continue Reading →

Anger and Hatred

Okay, so after a lot of thinking only, I decided to post this one. So, one of my friend continuously keeps asking me why I don't get angry at anybody or why do I not feel hatred for everyone. Even I sometimes thought whether it is a flaw in me or I am alright. So... Continue Reading →

Ocean and River

For a common man, standing before a river or ocean is just like feeling the cold air or seeing gallons of water but when I stand before it, don't know why but the water in it reflects different opinions of the people or the way in which they think. The water in rivers always moves... Continue Reading →


Swans always live in a pair of two. Both of them are like halves of a sphere. When anyone of them dies, either the one left behind dies or live alone forever. So, if they could understand the essence of love, then why man, who is born out of love, can't figure out love his... Continue Reading →

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